Pretty prints on well-known products

Kitsch Kitchen is dedicated to cheering up ordinary home products. Every season we design new, colourful prints, that we use on functional items. This season we gave the doormat, the umbrella and the bamboo doorcurtain a happy make-over!

A cheerful welcome

The effect is great. Take the doormat for instance. For years we haven’t really looked at it. We just used it to wipe our feet, we just didn’t know any better. But ever since we have put a beautiful print on it, the doormat has become a completely different item. It immediately catches the eye and calls for a reaction. It makes people happy. What better entrance can you wish for?

The Kitsch Kitchen doormat collection has been extended with 2 prints: the Tropical and the Bird. The Tropical is inspired by the jungle. The primitive Bird print is a design by the Swedish illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius.

Singing in the rain

Kitsch_Kitchen_paraplu_flamingoThere are not many people that love the rain. But it is hard not to love our new umbrellas. This season we have umbrellas in three prints: Tropical, Otomí (inspired by the colourful embroidery of the Mexican Otomí people) and Flamingo.


Open doors

Doorcurtains serve an important purpose: they keep insects out of the house. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have to be beautiful. They usually hang in places where they can’t be missed, so if you can choose between ordinary and beautiful the choice is easy. We don’t give you that choice. We just don’t have any ordinary doorcurtain designs. The choice is even harder now that we added another pretty print to the collection.