It’s springtime! Time for oilcloth

March blusters, April is just as unpredictable, but despite of that: spring has undeniably arrived! You can smell it, you can feel it, you can hear it and you can see it. And it certainly has an effect on your, doesn’t it?

As soon as the days start getting longer than the nights, we become really active. We start cleaning fanatically, we make radical plans for renovations, we completely reorganize the attic and we open doors and windows as wide as we can.

Cheerful and sunny

Next we overlook our garden and balcony, where winter has left its shameless marks. We remove old leafs, dry branches and broken planters and hurry to the garden center to boost spring impatiently.

And then your garden and/or balcony are ready for summer. Or not quite? No, your garden and balcony are only really summer proof when the outdoor table is covered with a new piece of cheerful oilcloth.

1001 colourful prints

In our webshop en store you find the most original and cheerful collection of oilcloth. The Kitsch Kitchen oilcloth collection is getting larger and more diverse every year. Chances are big that one of the prints is exactly what you are looking for.

Do you like pineapple, apple or bananas? Or are more into flowers? Or do you secretly long for the tropics and does your heart jump when you see our oilcloth with flamingo’s, cactusses or palm leaves?

Oilcloth for kids

We have polkadots, checkered and graphic patters. And for children we have oilcloth with special kids prints; gnomes, deers, dress-up dolls and popsicles.

The first real spring days are on their way, so buy your favourite oilcloth now.


Do you own a shop and would you like to sell our oilcloth?
Please, find all the information on b2b.kitschkitchen.nl