The world in full-colour

At Kitsch Kitchen it is all about colour. Colourful products inspired by faraway countries and past times.  This autumn we found our inspiration in West-Africa, Southeast Asia and, as always, in our beloved Mexico.

Within a few weeks time the full collection will be available in shops all over the world. For now we would like to give you a taste of what you can expect.

So, put on your coloured glasses and join us on a trip around the world!

Summer is never far away

Whether it is November or March, Kitsch Kitchen patterns bring out the summer in your home. Faraway countries, tropical colours, exotic plants and animals; these are the basic ingredients of our latest prints.

otomi_shower_curtain_kitsch_kitchen  flamingo_kitsch_kitchenbamboo_doorcurtain_jungle

Otomí – inspiration from Mexico                  Flamingo                           Tropical – for jungalows

A match made in heaven

That is how we would describe our cooperation with the famous Swedish illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius. The designs she has made for Kitsch Kitchen thus far – facevases Señor and Señora, candleholders Mexicana, Mariachi and Flamingo and the Mr. & Mrs. collection – are without exceptions great hits.

At the trade shows also her latest designs for Kitsch Kitchen were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.

vases_ingela_p_arrhenius_kitsch_kitchen   mugs_ingela_p_arrhenius_kitsch_kitchen

                      Vases ‘Bird’                                Mugs Mr. & Mrs. 

Fantasy Fusion

The designs of the Scottish illustrator Fiona Hewitt (former Wu & Wu) are a fantastic fusion of picture books from the sixties and graphic novels from Asia. Find the heart melting kids heroes she designed for us on melamine breakfast plates, a block puzzle, alarm clocks and beaded purses.

puzzle_fiona_hewitt_kitsch_kitchen kralenportemonneetjes_kitsch_kitchen

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