Bamboo Beauty’s: new bamboo doorcurtains!

If you are looking for a beautiful and colourful bamboo doorcurtain, you will surely end up at Kitsch Kitchen. Just as oilcloth, bamboo doorcurtains are an integral and very sought after part of our collection. Besides persistingly popular classics like FRIDA KAHLO and GUADALUPE, we present new designs every season. So, don’t panic if you are bored with your old doorcurtain; there is always a wonderful new design that goes perfectly well with your interior.

Mood changers

Bamboo doorcurtains are instant mood changers. With a bamboo curtain you provide your house in no time with a whole new look and feel. Because of their hippy chic vibe you see them a lot in holiday houses and mobile homes too. You really don’t need that much more to create a relaxed holiday atmosphere.


This summer we present four new bamboo doorcurtains. Because of their very different colour schemes and design they summon completely different atmospheres. The COCKATOO, with a big bird print, for example, is exuberantly tropical. This curtain creates that special jungle feeling. Add a few big green plants and some brightly coloured flowers and your jungalow is ready.


Doorcurtain BLOSSOM VAN GOGH is inspired by Almond Blossom, the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh. A summer shade of blue is the main colour of this picturesque doorcurtain, that immerses your interior in a mediterranean mood.

Lovers of Mexican culture will definitely adore the SARAPE, inspired by the geometric shapes and colours of the Mexican blanket with the same name. If you want more Mexico, you can always add a few real sarapes and some Mexican ceramics, but that really isn’t necessary.

Handmade in Vietnam

The CLASSIC FLOWER is a big flower print with bold colours on a black background. It looks very vintage and a bit mysterious. It looks great in boho style interiors.

All our bamboo doorcurtains are handmade in Vietnam. They are painted by hand according to a special technique. Obviously we have chosen a producer who is devoted to creating the best working conditions.